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Fields of Activities

Tarah Energy Work In This Fields of Activities

Electric Transmission Line (T/L)

Due to the increasing growth of energy consumption, besides, additional electricity supply by generation houses (P.Ps)

Generation & Power Plant

Supply of sustainable electrical energy required by industries and houses is the main objective of energy management which is possible through development of existing power generation & timely construction of new power plants.

Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Engineering

At present oil and gas are amongst the most important industries in the world's energy supply

Electric Train System

Nowadays without high speed trains, development and progress in railway are questionable.

Structure & Building

The structure and building group of this company is actively involved in providing consultancy and engineering services embracing design management dependent on industrial

Surveying & GIS

The surveying & GIS group of this company has started its activity since the company's establishment and has been rendering its survey engineering services for different projects including: power plants

Energy Management

Having regarded the guidelines of the ministry of energy and in compliance with the international standards, this company is active in the generation and consumption

Chemical Engineering

Among the services of the chemical engineering unit of SEPANTA Tara Energy Company that can be mentioned herein after are

Financial Investment

The financial resources provision of the consultancy is a kind of direction and re commendation services, following which the clients are supposed to determine and analyze their problems and the opportunities

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Fields of Activities
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Sepanta Tarah Energy company is actively involved in the engineering consultancy of power transmission and generation and power overhead transmission line, optimization of energy consumption, telecommunications, dispatching, and oil and gas industries-downstream, also, it attempts to provide, best engineering services bath for onshore and offshore projects, based on the available world’s up –to- date technical know-how and technology, and its specialized groups, besides, its team- work policy. ...

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In order to promote company rankings, improvement in organization processes, presenting services with higher qualities, improving marking strategies and increasement in number of demands, making assurance in providing needs and client expectations, this company certifies for relevant certifications from corresponding authorities. This company has been certified for consulting engineering services from Iranian Prime minister Department of planning and Strategic Supervision.


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Employment In Tarah Energy
Tarah Energy Engineering Company, from its very beginning, with this belief that the main wealth of very company is its human resources, decided to recruit professional, and hardworking personnel, hence, by executing equal job opportunities for fresh university graduates, by considering proper ways of recruitment, extends its expert and managemet Personnel, throughout the years.

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